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The Pursuit for Men Group Study Course

The Pursuit for Men Group Study Course

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We are excited to introduce The Pursuit to the men of your church!

The Pursuit experience was created to be relevant and Biblically sound so the men of your church and community can be better resourced to fight the cultural battles for their own heart and soul – as well as influence their family and friends for Jesus Christ. Your men will be exposed to practical truths and Biblical principles through our year long curriculum. Your men will relate to how our worldly culture tries to intimidate us into becoming politically correct instead of Biblically obedient. 

Despite the fast-paced culture we live in and its stressful impact on all men, The Pursuit will empower men (of whatever generation they represent) to understand that God’s Word is just as applicable today as it ever was! Your men will learn how to manage the seemingly endless trade-offs regarding work, family, and their walk with Christ. 

The study is designed to appeal to men that have already accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. However, this can be a perfect opportunity for your men to invite their unchurched friends to be exposed to the Word of God through the exciting curriculum. By hosting the study in your church, men will be given an opportunity to give their life to Christ and receive the support only a local church and community can offer. 

This program includes six topical sections, each with five chapters of the book and a video summarizing the section and highlighting key lessons. Each group can decide how frequently to meet, but we recommend a monthly meeting to view a summary video and discuss the chapters in that section. 

This Course Bundle includes:

  • 10 copies of The Pursuit by Dr. Joe Pettigrew
  • 1 copy of The Pursuit Leader's Guide, with resources for facilitating the course
  • 1 copy of The Pursuit DVD, complete with videos for each lesson

Have more than 10 men interested? Order additional kits of 10 books each and the DVD and Leader's Guide come free!